Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Heinz supporting Fish and Chip shops during the COVID-19 outbreak?
For decades, Fish and Chip stores’ doors have been open to all of us. And now, at a time where every bit counts, we want to be there for them. HEINZ is launching Click&Chips as a way to support these neighbourhood cornerstones when they need it most.
How do I sign-up to get Click&Chips support?
You just need to fill the form fields on the home page and click "Submit." We will email you once Fish and Chip shops have been selected and you'll know if you're one of the chosen stores to be a part of this programme.
Does my shop qualify for the programme?
An eligible Fish and Chip shop is a place that serves your famous Fish and Chip meal, where the server knows the customer’s name and order. It’s more than a restaurant; it’s a place they’ve been going for years. To qualify for Click&Chips funding, your shop must meet the following criteria:
  1. An independently owned establishment, which is not a chain (a restaurant with three or more locations).
  2. The establishment must be legally operating and have all of the proper documentation in place to serve food.
  3. The establishment must be eligible to work with Take-away orders (through Click&Collect model).
How much is Heinz donating to each diner?
HEINZ is sponsoring 2 months fully paid subscription and set-up fees to 100 shops across the country.
How will I know if my shop was selected?
HEINZ will send you an email confirming whether your restaurant has been selected to receive funds.
When do submissions close?
Entries will close on Sunday 12th July 2020.
When will the restaurants find out if they qualified?
The chosen shops will be notified by Friday 17th July 2020. Any additional information from the restaurants will be requested at an appropriate time.
When can the diner expect to have their app ready?
After announcing to the restaurants whether they have been selected or not, we will put them in contact with Stampapp to get their apps developed. Once app development begins, the app should be ready to use within 5 business days.
How does the app payment work?
Stampapp’s App development costs will be fully funded by HEINZ for every shop in the programme.
When does the program end?
HEINZ will be sponsoring all App related costs from the beginning of July through the end of August (2 full months). After the programme ends, shops are free to choose to keep the app at their own expense or to terminate the partnership with Stampapp.